Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wikileaks Guyana

No great revelations, just the usual speculation and a fairly balanced view from one of the US Ambassadors about the lack of Interest in the fledgling Guyana Stock market due to lack of Transparency in financial matters, starting with one of the Biggest Companies -  ironically, the one started by a vehemently anti-PPP pro-business guy coming from the privileged class, who hated that upstart Jagan for daring to suggest that the working conditions be a bit more humane for the exploited workers back in the '50s. Makes you wonder if all the Bullshit they teach in business classes work as the world of business seems to turn on 'who you know', exploitation and persuading the unsophisticated people to buy things they don't need?
I sometimes wonder how this small nation of less than 1 million people occupied with petty in-fighting must seem to the rest of the World, who must in turn wonder why we can't seem to get it right-- starting with the basics. So, in the usual Guyanese tradition of avoiding financial scrutiny, a mysterious fire conveniently burnt down all the records! The other companies not faring any better, eking out small dividends while advertising new markets and products-- mmm. The only company actually giving something back to their Shareholders being the tobacco company, but did I really want to benefit from promoting  something I KNOW is bad and exploiting the ignorant? As was noted, the natural result of Guyanese voting with their feet, thus causing 'the local stock market ...(to be) “handicapped” by low trading volume and regulatory problems'.
So back to the non-revelation that we've been infiltrated by the druggies-- well duh!! As our Putin-like (favouring authorianism) president said : we didn't need the Americans to tell us that -- so what's his solution-- well he felt as the drugs were heading North it was their problem?!  Very mature and responsible, Champion of the Earth!  Not having a good system for gathering Stats or shrouded in secrecy, there seems to be only anecdotal feelings that the local drug problem is increasing particularly amongst the youngsters, having had a family member screw his life up - a story I think most Guyanese with even tenuous family ties can concur-- that they 'know' someone who is/was addicted.

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