Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's the Oil, stupid

The News report that one of Gaddafi's sons had been captured by the rebels may have been premature or he managed to buy his way out. The BBC reported China as now modifying their rhetoric to include the the rebels as Western Leaders rush to claim 'victory' now that Gaddafi looks like he's on his way out-- a friend posting that he escaped dressed as a woman and probably emerging in some sub-terrain hide-out like Saddam - By the Way-- I wonder if it's true that China got the biggest Oil deals in the post-Iraq American-led 'Liberation'-- how did THAT happen-- duh!?
Hopefully lessons would have been learnt and the 'freed' Libyans will remember who encouraged them along their path to Liberation.  Mmm, so on the News they were interviewing an Analyst who claimed that the level of Violence has increased drastically under the Chavez reign-- countered by another journalist who said it was a spill-over from all those displaced Columbian refugees and the success of the Mexican Cartels in guarding their territories/routes from those pesky South American wannabes who want to send their illegal goods up North.
Shame Chavez chose this moment to get cancer as Venezuela and Iran looks next on the 'Liberation List'! Oh the Mullahs successfully held out last year-- ok then -- our neighbours to the West?

3-May-2018: apparently China didn't get their hands on Iraq's oil-- according to this video- this was the whole point of invading Iraq-- to stop the Eurasians from accessing energy supplies:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVctGHYQcOw

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