Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poor man's Entertainment

Sorry didn't buy this book of a Graduate's paper on why the Haitians' strategy of having many children was not such a bad one. Flipping to the back of the book - it was basically -- the chance of having a child alive to look after you in your Old Age was a better one in a place where there were no Support Services.

I wonder at the ridiculous stance of the Catholic Church of forbidding contraceptive advice, much less contraception? What possible reason-- the oft cited one is the sanctity of Human Life -- (mmm, this from the same people who stood by during slavery and in current times blatant exploitation of the Poor-- but I digress) but then what do they think happens to families when the children go hungry and neglected?
Is the solution the drastic one of China's? I note the recent Chinese arrivals gleefully expanding their families as the most obvious source of Labour in their family endeavours.
A friend who goes to the local Red Cross children's home reports that the children are desperate for touch-- what's wrong with mothers who deposit children and then proceed to have another for a new man? What is Society's role in all this?  It all seems that the Live Fast and Die Young mentality has crept into every sphere!

The National Insurance Scheme is going bust because it was presumed that the number of working contributors would keep increasing to pay the pensions of those retiring-- all shrouded in mystery as the Funds don't seem to be properly managed and now the pot is too small and people's expectations have risen.
The only ones who feel there are opportunities to be had are the small number with the Capital to link with bigger money to squeeze the ignorant poor of their sweaty pennies - I know -beginning to sound snobbily elitist but Shakespeare's observation depressingly shows nothing's changed in all these years as we hurtle towards killing off the earth and ourselves: 'the rabblement hooted and clapped their chapped hands and threw up their sweaty night-caps'.

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