Monday, August 8, 2011

So that's how 'they' do it...

Today's paper had a disgruntled ex-member of one of the main political parties writing a letter to one of the dailies exposing how Politicians are shamelessly power-hungry. ( ),
 Apparently it's normal to write to ask for an invite to be a VIP! Rass, didn't realise that-- I asked dem clowns at the Ministry of Culture nuff times to put me on a guest-list, if they have one for any Literary Event, as sometimes the audience is embarrassingly sparce, (still waiting- only been a couple of years).  Apparently the organisation concerned was a bit reluctant and so they had to be reminded that they had invited another politician from a neighbouring country only the previous year!!
Wow, talk about arm-twisting?  Here's me in a deluded moment thinking that special invitees were just that-- people whose opinion other people were actually interested in? Mmm, so those lobbyists and Publicity Agents are actually paid to get their masters to 'pope' events like if they were actually wanted!
On another note. UNESCO got suckered into holding a writer's workshop and although the organiser stressed that registration was -- um, now-- the actual official opening wasn't til 2hrs later-- now this is real eye-pass and disrespectful of other people's time. In fact, I have an issue with the whole thing-- as I had suggested a weekend retreat so that people who actually work-- more likely to be literate anyway-- could attend. As it is, the event is held around the corner from my office and in spite of an incipient headache--can try to cover both work and play..smiles-- look out for the book if all goes well!

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