Thursday, August 4, 2011

Changing face of Georgetown

In spite of Guyana being in fairly dire straits in the '70's, I  have pretty happy memories of a Georgetown childhood. The Seawall being a constant feature. Was fortunate to be able to afford to visit Shell Beach recently for a weekend and it brought back those memories as the Beach there reminded me of how the Georgetown beach by the Pegasus used to be!  Lots of interesting shells to pick up and examine, jelly-fish to 'buss' with a stick and mud-flats where you could sink your toes in the deliciously cool, thick mud by a little hole and have a fine crab exit hurriedly...Wasn't old enough to experience the whole 'courting' scene associated with the Seawall but do remember the general shock when Dolly Baksh was killed and mutilated on the Kitty foreshore. Things took a decline since then but it was still an accepted thing to visit the Wall after 6pm and chat with other Georgetown inhabitants.
Hence, the shock to discover that a friend was attacked at about 6pm on a fairly quiet stretch of the Wall on the East Coast bit presumably while exercising. Nevertheless, whatever the reason she was there it feels very restrictive that there are now people waiting to prey on the unsuspecting Public.

It's disturbing as one wonders if the foreigners are being targeted; but with the increasing accompanying violence I just wonder what is the greater influence-- graphic depictions of violence easily available or the influx of deportees perhaps with a chip on their shoulder? I mean I lived a block away from Tiger Bay where choke-and-rob was a fairly common feature but it seems that the level of violence has increased.  Generally Guyanese used to be interested and fascinated by the foreigners and not willing to inflict violence readily.
It's a changing world that doesn't seem to be for the better in Georgetown.

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