Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So the Looting and instances of Arson have rightly been condemned as criminal on the streets of London/Britain, therefore was dismayed that pictures of Gadhafi's Compound being looted was triumphantly being shown on the Media.  Reminiscent of those images of Baghdad being looted and the anguish of the curators of the National Museum while the Americans chose that moment to say it was nothing to do with them and stood idly by.
It's almost as if the Criminal Elements of those countries are encouraged to destroy the country's status quo and intimidate those who would take charge...
The estimates that 2000 people have been injured in Tripoli is a statistic that is not well publicised though I obviously heard it on the the said Media and I wondered how the Americans and Europeans (British had a taste) would cope if their social barriers were broken down-- though the National Guard did prevent widespread Looting fairly quickly during Katrina and most people behaved admirably during the 9-11 attacks. Talking of which-- I see the Afghanis have taken to celebrating significant malevolent anniversaries, using that flimsy excuse to attack the British in Kabul a few weeks ago.

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