Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sign of times...

Was surprised at  the violence on the streets of London and other inner-cities in England, similar to what we tend to have around Elections (due this year!) - seemingly due to fustrated self-expression and opportunity to loot.  In spite of having more resources, training and studies predicting that internal strife will become more prevalent I am still surprised that the Metropoltian Police have been unable to contain and there is talk of enlisting the Army!!  Sounds alarmingly like Guyana, but in the Guyana situation there was less cohesiveness within the Police Force, and not having the infrastructure to support a man's family in the event of death or injury- each individual here had to grapple with his conscience whether to turn out to work or not.

Several analysts have noted that the rioters in England are youths and other disgruntled people who can organise better due to immproved communication - not exactly those on the brink of starvation, though that's predicted to be a problem in the future.  It's the lack of personal values I find very similar to Guyana, so maybe this is a bigger and more universal problem? As a conservative British MP noted, how can you teach a generation brought up on instant gratification, patience?
Here's my Haiku on the subject:

London's burning now
Angry Class excluded how?
Lessons for us all.

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