Thursday, April 5, 2012

Diversifying from Cane-Cutting

Thanks to Facebook and the little running commentary on the top-right I was informed that Guyana now holds the World Record for Power-Lifting. Yaay! Our new champ is Vijai Rahim  who won two Gold medals and set a new Caribbean record in the men's junior category.
He hails from a definitel non-athletic background - his father also being a sugar-cane cutter. Good on him that he didn't go down the usual path of drugs and alcohol in the mind-numbing village of Rosignol and chose instead to go to the gym, where at aged 15yrs he entered a push-ups competition and was subsequently encouraged to enter the field of Power-Lifting. What a great example to set - in five years to be a World Champ while holding down a Cane-cutting job-- though that physically demanding job no doubt contributed to his general fitness-- have you seen the well-developed upper bodies and abs on those people??
So good to see a born-Guyanese beating off those stocky Eastern Europeans who tend to dominate that field - Yaay and by eating he mother roti, not having the funds to purchase supplements-- my personal view-- probably more healthy that way!

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