Sunday, April 22, 2012

Abuse of Power + Rape

So a cousin maintains that ALL sexual abuse is about power.
The 'hot' case of Henry Greene, recently-retired Commissioner of Police and the dubious question of rape touches both issues.A brief summary of the case: mother of two had an issue with the Police wherein her Blackberry Cell Phone (!?!) was seized by the cops and held for evidence. She decided the best course of action would be to 'see' the Top Cop himself who promised her he would help her get the phone back and something to do with providing windows in the house she is currently building. Then they both go to a hotel in a seedy part of Town where she claims she had a look at his equipment, was paralysed with fear and submitted to sex. A few days later, and not getting either the phone or the windows, she decided it was Rape and went public with the allegation.
The Anti-Government forces seized the opportunity to demand the case go to trial - the government being grateful to Greene for actually doing something during the Crime Wave as the previous Commissioner cogitated, did nothing and later became a Candidate for the Main Opposition Party - not even going to touch the unholy connection between the main Opposition Party and violent Criminals - and you wonder why a country of under one million can't get its act together?
I agree that this case of the Commissioner represents an abuse of power, but in a country of frustrated people - from fathers beating up wives and children, mothers beating up children, children pelting animals and pretty much everybody abusing whatever position of Power they have - I see it as all a part of an sad spectrum. On the question of Rape - it does not seem so clear-cut. The Chief Justice after local and Jamaican investigators advised the Director of Public Prosecution to proceed with the charge of Rape waded in with his Opinion that there was not enough evidence in this the Case to convict the Commissioner.
With the alarming incidences of minors being sexually exploited, there were changes in Legislation in both the Constitution and a new Sexual Offences Act with much fanfare last year by the previous Administration. All well and noble but almost immediately several people quite high up in their Party Ranks fell foul of it, one of the notable ones being the Public Relations Officer of the last Administration soliciting sexual favours from under-aged males and not asked to leave his position on the Commission of Rights of the Child or some such thing. And apparently the erstwhile Commissioner would have also been afoul of the new legislation - good thing he got around to resigning then?
By the way, I hope that those people agitating for the conviction of Greene also get involved in the cases of the 62yr old shop-keeper molesting a 13yr old and 'paying' her Gy $500 ( approx U$2) several times and the woman and her husband luring young girls to prostitute themselves in the Interior also being reported in yesterday's papers!
Here's an interesting opinion:

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