Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bound To Happen- 3

After the last Bound To Happen -2:   no further action was taken and the tragedy of a 24-yr old dying from a tooth extraction went on to happen and hardly seems possible.  Equally alarming is that there is no reporting of it in any media but lots of people who live 'over the river' know of the case!
As far as I can gather - there is a Columbian 'dentist' who had legal troubles with a previous employer and the Guyana Association of Dentists requested that his Work Permit be revoked - the Government with its distrust of qualified professionals ( mind you that's a word and person that's severely tested!) decided that the Association was presumably as petty as they were and refused. So the Columbian turns up a few weeks ago in the Newspapers-- .
Now you would think someone in Authority would decide to investigate or put things in motion to protect the General Public-- clearly lacking in judgement for supporting these types of establishments - but no-- that would entail someone taking responsibility. So it looks as if a preventable death could have been avoided - in all my years I have never heard of someone bleeding to death after a tooth extraction-- even though we have many extractions being carried out in the Interior by a Dentex under a lot more trying conditions- a sort of Community worker at the rough level of a Nurse-Practitioner I guess.

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