Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Things Black People have to Put up with....

So I was unable to get a picture of the 'cake' from the other side where the female Swedish minister was instructed to cut from-- the clitorial region- as it was highlighting female circumcision.
So sad that with all the money and talent - a caricature of an African tribal woman is the best the Swedes can come up with!  Mind you-- the 'artist' is a black guy: This merely perpetuates the view of a backwards people-- those African mercenaries stealing children for enforced miseries and the affluent Africans who 'sold-out' to keep their people in misery not helping!
As someone said on Facebook "If it was a Jewish child/Killed by "Hussein Mustafa"/"would they be saying lets not make a rush 2 judgement...Or if it was a "ANN FRANK" cake, being put in an mock Auschwitz OVEN....Would jews be saying(It's Art) ??? *Hmmm*"

* removed pictures as apparently under Copyright laws can get sued!

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