Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Anderson Cooper Show

Applied for a ticket online as I was headed to NYC, and was pleasantly surprised to get one! That easy folks.
Good excuse to check out Jazz at Lincoln Centre which is a sort of High-End City mall. The show was being taped on the fifth floor. People were shunted up in batches, then queued to have their details checked, signing away their rights to the use of their Image and a perfunctory check of ID's.
Groups of people milled about as there was a Broadcast Convention of sorts in NYC and 100 broadcast students had tickets for the Show. I went looking for the end of the line to have two red girls from the Hood glaring at me and the one with tatoos on her neck saying: 'Where she think she goin'?'
I smiled apologetically and slipped behind them. When the studio doors opened I found myself about fifth from the end which was unfortunate as, having stood behing the two girls standing less than two feet apart, they felt it necessary to carry on their conversation about what the people they knew from school were doing, at the highest possible volume - oblivious to the people around them; I had planned to sit as far away as possible from their aggressive little selves.
I wasted a whole worry as there seemed to be some sort of pattern to the seating arrangements and we were assigned seating and I was mercifully far away from them - in fact, right up on the first raised tier, next a nice young couple.  The fun part of the Show began with a great Floor manager 'warming up the crowd' - she started with the guy next to me who turned out to be a Break-Dance teacher in Brooklyn and who gave us a demonstration - she adroitly gave attention to the attention-seekers and managed to find the Comic Streak in the Crowd.
Both topics of the Show were interesting; they then did a finishing segment for another show and the amusing Floor manager- Dina I think her name was, ended up on the Panel where they discussed some current topics with a couple of Minor Celebrities I didn't know.  I was busy being the annoying person coughing in the Background as for the first Time in my life an allergy to the Pollen in the air that I didn't know I had manifested itself as an annoying tickle at the back of the throat.
Anderson himself was busy fielding questions from the budding broadcasters during the breaks and his advice was basically- work hard- something he certainly took to heart as there were people queueing up for the afternoon tapings when we left the Studios.

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