Sunday, April 29, 2012


With my love of reading I was toying with the idea of accessing the digital collection of books electronically and on a trip to NYC a friend persuaded me to try the iPad3. Not being a techie it's been roughly a month before I got around to playing with the controls, I called in a Trini techie who was raving about the graphics and who promptly downloaded the free 3D sexual positions app!  Now the apps are annoying little precursors to the main event-- I got excited to get the Oprah magazine for free and then was bitterly disappointed that ya had to pay for the subscription-- likewise with the 'free' books apps that you can download-- you have to download then go through each laboriously to just see the titles! Thinking I prefer my Laptop...
So now that I've played around I was appalled to learn that Apple has an electronic fingerprint - you can erase the apps on your computer but apparently it stays in your iTunes account which I didn't know to access and ended up deleting everything! I found it hard to do the whole 3D thing and is they were just vague outlines-- people actually waste their time with this stuff??
So I began to get sold on the thing this weekend--- I was working out of town so didn't take my Laptop to work-- the computer at work crashing because of some lapse in memory- and was able to access the important thing online- Facebook - but was unable to play Scrabble because the iPad was unable to support the latest Acrobat Reader. Managed to download one of the Bookclub classic selections from the Gutenburg Press but was unable to download the Audio version.
Was thrilled to take a photograph relating to work but Facebook did not allow it to upload. When I got to my Out-of-town location there was a Blackout just as Dusk was falling-- good timing GPL- I used the iPad screen to brush my teeth and was able to read in the dark without specs as you can enlarge the fonts. Might just be sold on technology.

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