Sunday, January 8, 2012

Walk At the Back of Diamond Housing Estate

Having never been in the New Housing Scheme, I decided to take the opportunity as the Guyana Photographers Group were having a Photo Walk.
There were roadworks on the main road so the group decision was made to go to the Conservancy at the back of the housing estate.  There seemed to be one fairly narrow major road to the Back, which was already beginning to erode on the left-hand side, with avenues in various states branching off until 21st Avenue; bridges over the canal on the right leading to the Grove Housing Scheme.
We were all fairly surprised to see an impromptu rubbish site  starting at the entrance to the path to the fields - people coming with Pick-Ups while we were there to dump more rubbish to the dismay of the resident near-by who saw the Cameras and hoped that we were reporters from Stabroek News who would DO something about 'the Rich People from the front of the scheme dumping their rubbish' at the back! Clearly no Neighbourhood Scheme in force!
There was a rough stile holding back a few cows but the flatland held no Photographic interest.
Copied one of the experienced photographers and got a better shot.
But we turned back as the ground was a bit too mushy.
I drove around to check out the area but most of the side roads were in bad shape and several of the bigger houses in the front seemed locked up and abandoned.

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  1. Nice short article, too bad you didn't publish any of the photos f the rubbish...
    I think random rubbish dumping is getting out of hand...