Saturday, January 7, 2012

Red Cherry Cafe

First off, congrats to the Owners for trying to open up a Local chain. The first located in City Mall and the second in Lamaha St perilously close to the busy Camp Street junction. The neighbour from The Changing Room boutique already came and chased us off from parking in front of their premises and I can just imagine the confusion during the day as mini-buses tend to let people off near junctions-- who's responsible for City Planning - does that department even function??
2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon was fairly quiet - although we went to try the Sundaes, we both were feeling peckish and decided to have a sandwich each with a coffee and tea. We were surprised that the coffee and tea came mixed with milk and sugar. Regular instant coffee and Yellow Label tea. Mich sent back the tea as she liked hers black, I usually can only manage half a mug so persevered with the coffee, but was disappointed with the white bread used in the sandwich - still, having not used White Bread for years I managed to wolf it down-- shame these 'local' places can't/wouldn't use the local produce and produce fresh-squeezed/pressed juices like our Venezuelan neighbours- who managed to have carts with presses on most street corners. Would a (marginally) healthy option of wholewheat bread be too difficult to offer?
The sundae menu was not very helpful as the flavours were not stipulated - Mich opted for The Lonesome Cowboy which came with two scoops of Blueberry (local??) ice-cream tasting more like Bubble-gum flavour (all highly artificial anyway) and I opted for another - the manager kindly allowing me to choose one scoop of familiar vanilla and chocolate flavours. Good that they were using local Igloo Ice-cream but I think a bigger hit would have been to promote local Ice-creams made with more interesting local fruit flavours from Nicky's near the Jail. I missed the stewed fruit, crushed nuts and coconut strips that Idaho used to serve up when I was a child- having instead the odd combination of raisins and sprinkles, mercifully the promised condensed milk did not materialise.
Having said all of the above, the prices were reasonable - about $300 per item though I am still working out if the prices on the Board were VAT  inclusive.
The Decor was bright and cheerful though the tiles on the floor were looking dingy in spite of the place opening less than a month ago. There were a few odd open arrangement of the booths- maybe providing for larger groups?
The service by the young Staff was passable.
Odd rough handle to the door which cut my finger as we were leaving - sue-able offence in the US!


  1. Don't think I'm gonna check this place out... Gonna stick to the regulars, :)

  2. My cousin took her time ordering ice-cream and the waiter complained to the cashier that she was being "so difficult" (this was done in front of the customer of course)