Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poland + Guyana

Chapter 9 of 'The Shock Doctrine' records the 'sell-out' by the leading lights of the blue-collar Polish movement/party - Solidarity- to the capitalist 'free-market' principles promoted by the golden boy Jeffrey Sachs benefiting a few and basically selling off State Assets to global/foreign Multi-national Corporations. The author, Naomi Klein states that creating a permanent underclass 'represented a bitter betrayal, one that bred a deep cynicism and anger'.
And I wondered how much of that could be applied to the PPP, the dodgy 'businessmen' who have no concept of forward-planning becoming the leading lights in the business community ( ignoring commonsense and Planning Laws while erecting new businesses, taking a retrograde step and switching from glass bottles to undisposable plastic ones, blatant promotion of polystrene containers and plastic bags... the list goes on - but the point is that these are people who are in a position to make decisions for the rest of us and in fact most probably couldn't survive in 'business' outside of the unlevel Playing Field that is Guyana.), the betrayed workers left to fend for themselves, the largely unemployed youth - sadly unlike the Poles who do migrate and do quite well in Europe our youngsters have little or no work ethic, the international deals shrouded in secrecy...

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