Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hiding in Plain Sight

With the advent of the pesky terrorists the ABC banks have tightened up their procedures and are on the Look-out for Money-Laundering. This leaves the local people who have excess money, under the eye of the ever-vigilant GRA (!), with a bit of a problem.
I was amused at the sarcastic remarks made by two TV presenters who were advising the young to start saving for a house--citing the 31yr old Minister of Housing's large-scale (for Guyana) House, complete with Pool and Pool-House! Considering he was an unknown person until being 'discovered' and made a Minister in the Jagdeo's administration two years ago; as they commented he must be a very good 'saver'. The blatant rags-to-riches would attract the attention of the Income Tax office in many countries trying to govern by Rule of Law and it is to be hoped that the stronger Opposition would call for investigations and not limit to just the current administration as several houses down my mother's street were bought by several Ministers under their administration, given carte-blanche to write their own contracts!
And while this petty tit-for-tat goes on, the country's resources continue to be mismanaged and sold off down the line.

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