Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dare To Love by Penny Dixon

Bought this book as a Christmas Present but got sucked into reading it. Had read a brief review in the Newspapers wherein it said that a smooth-talking Guyanese man featured.
Started out like a Caribbean Mills & Boon but suddenly took a turn into explicit erotica in Chapter 5 or so. While cataloging the dilemma of Guyanese working in Barbados it seemed determined to be titillating so I guess while I would be glad to promote the book as one dealing with Caribbean issues - and in fact bought the book with that in mind- the explicit nature means that I would have to be careful about who I gave the book to as I suppose although we are all adults and sex is natural, pornographic details may just curtail more widespread distribution!
Initially the events being told from the perspective of the two protagonists was an interesting one-- it got a bit repetitious. The ending was also unsatisfactory with the husband conveniently being disposed -- I am re-writing it having the Police do 'an investigation'!

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