Friday, January 13, 2012

Recreational Drugs

The international news reported that due to a Poppy Disease there was a shortage of heroin on the market, and  following the Law of Supply and Demand - the price shot up accordingly: good news for the Afghani farmers who didn't bother with the Occupying Forces and concentrated on poppy cultivation -getting a whopping 133% increase in their prices-- must be the only farmers to report that-- the ones in India across the border committing suicide over falling crops and prices while owing Loans (thanks Monsanto + globalisation!).
So a recent link on a friend's page reports that Aldous Huxley in the interest of science offered himself as a guinea pig to try mescaline, a hallucinogenic drug and compared its 'high' to that obtained by the Yoga Masters and other mystical persons after years of training : very 20th Century- don't bother with the grunt work if you can get the right chemical - ' All that we need to realize our true potential is built into the very organic structure of our brains, he believed. It just takes a little push, a nudge, to turn the valve off and let in the unmediated flow of absolute reality.'  'Mescaline removes the need for any kind of special moral life as it keys directly into the chemical component that gives rise to  our ability to experience transcendence. This might not seem at first like a contradiction,  but rather an evolution in his thinking. '
Read a book written by an American from the Christian Right who stated that the CIA had unleased LSD into the student and hippie population to study its effects on the brain in the '60's and had even formed The Aquarian Conspiracy whereby the powers-that-be investigated how to become mystical. Must be why we're all suffering as they are now the movers and shakers in the US-- great - fried brains making global decisions!
From personal experience, my cousin who experimented with marijuana and then moved onto the harder stuff has been slipping in and out of rehab. He seems to have lost his grasp on reality - isn't that just resorting back to an infantile state and wanting someone to look after you - and don't we all wish to have no responsibilities?

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