Friday, January 20, 2012

Child Abuse and Islam

A nauseating story appeared in today's sensationalist Kaieteur News about an Iman who had been sexually-abused young boys.
Of course, lax parenting meant that the mother was glad that her children were occupied  after school until 8pm--- Lord help us and stop me from being so judgmental!
Apparently the eldest boy, aged 10yrs, felt he had no choice but to return to the abusive situation, didn't have the sort of relationship with the adults who are supposed to protect him from this sort of thing where he would be comfortable relating that sort of thing. The whole sorry mess came to light as child Protection Services actually launched an investigation after receiving anonymous phone calls. Shame he didn't feel/have anyone he could have confided in as it may have saved the younger boys- one as young as 4yr old from the abuse. Apparently the wise men of the local Arm feel monetary compensation would solve the problem, following closely the example of the Catholic Church.
After the scandal within the Catholic Church, perverts within the Islamic clerical field would/should probably not be so surprising. Peter Baker in one of March's books 'The Jolly Pilgrim' noted that both the Bible and Q'ran are books which are products of the times in which they were written  and reflect the customs and cultures of that period - Middle Eastern agrarian societies.  He had noted that the earlier Suras called for orphans and the needy to be cared for-- not in the manner of sexually abusing children-- in spite of the Q'ran approving of anal sex- one assumed between consenting adults! ( He made a comment later on that if one accepted the q'ran as the last message from God then one would expect deeper things to be stated rather than punishments for long hair and other trivia)
There was a documentary by a Pakistani journalist which revealed the sickening practice in Afghanistan of taking boys from  poor families, training them to dance-- as purdah of females is observed -- and frequently pimping them out!  Is there some sort of Cherry Picking about what is to be observed in the good book?
The sexual child abuse of boys in a repressive Islamic society  is also dealt with in one of June's books: 'The Consequences of Love' by Sulaiman Addonia.

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