Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Guyanese Tragi-comedy or Comi-tragedy

It was with mixed feelings that I read of a car-jacking last Saturday night - a 23yr old man from Canal drove his girlfriend to her house on the East Coast in the evening and here the papers have differing versions - SN discreetly reporting that he stopped for a piss on the Seawall and KN reporting that he stopped to relieve his bowels on the Ogle Airstrip Road.
So he got attacked by two men, beaten up and had his car stolen and parts removed.
My initial reaction was-- serve him right-- what is wrong with these people?? It's not like he couldn't ask to use the bathroom when he dropped the girl off? Granted the lack of Public Facilities is a problem in Guyana - relieving oneself in a Public place could pose a Public Health problem as the population increases! It was interesting that in reporting the story various Media didn't seem to think that THAT was a problem - maybe that's how standards start to slide - when you don't even see that something is a problem? Personally I would have thought it would have been a better Headline if the police went to lash a charge of Public Menace on him all bandaged up.
Then my second reaction was - how terrible that people have to be fearful of being in an unpopulated place, even a Public Place like the Seawall.

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