Saturday, July 7, 2012

That's How They Do It...2

Quite unexpectedly I happened to be on the Ituni-Linden road a few weeks ago and was a bit surprised to see six container trucks parked at the side of the road-- forestry consisted of going in, appraising the goods, chain-sawing + dragging the trunks to the side of the road and simply loading into the Container-- Bob's your uncle as they say-- no pesky Customs, Forestry agents etc-- just barrel your way in and rape the environment! Seeing as it was about 7.30pm there was a  surreptitious air about the activities.
So Guyana's sleepy ranchers whose cattle roam their land freely have now to contend with a new guy, rounding up and branding all cattle not branded-- it's a whole, rough world off the beaten track, with a spineless Government unable to protect its citizens. and for that matter standing by helplessly while the Moco Moco Generating station burnt and seemingly couldn't care a toss while Lethem grinds to a halt without a cheap, reliable supply of electricity.

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