Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Driving in Guyana -3

So cruising in late to work today, I slowed down to let the National library mini-van coming up Church St turn left into Carmichael in front of me. As I reach Bishops I looked across at the car slowing down on my right with an excited taxi-driver shouting across 'That's how you'se drive?' I shouted back 'What ya talking about?' He very authoritatively ordered me to pull up across the road, I said I was turning left and pulled up to hear what he had to say.
He leaned over to identify himself as a police officer and said that he was driving with his superior and that they thought I was driving carelessly by not coming to a complete stop at the crossing. I acknowledged that I had slowed down, and as the National library van had gone ahead I accelerated to cross Church Street before cars turned from Carmichael St in the other direction-- that I had not endangered anyone.  We had a little discussion about Road Use in Guyana where I pointed out that with everyone breaking the Rules of the Road it was difficult to do the right thing all the time and in fact, although I had not come to a complete halt I made sure that nothing was coming from either direction before I pulled out; in the midst of which he got a telephone call from someone and he said that it was not a man driving and he was talking to the woman - that he was under instruction to haul me into Eve Leary--- thought it would have been Brickdam.
The conversation ended with me being asked 'to leave a little something'. I said I did not believe in that sort of thing and in any case business was bad, whereupon I was asked to identify my workplace- in view just up the road. Wonder if it is a new sort of scam-- but he did seem very authoritative.

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