Friday, July 20, 2012

Why It's Exhausting To Live In Guyana....4/Designed to make you feel small....

Thankfully the number of people reading my rants on this Blog has dropped - I happen to click on a few earlier ones and wondered at the incoherency and illogical jumps. I regard this as therapy in the absence of any regular person to bore the pants off.
So the day dawned brightly and thought it was a good day to pay my bills; cracked open the new check book ordered at the beginning of the year and collected two months ago --- started frothing at the mouth.
Last year the Bank decided to change the numbering system and started back from 1-- I can't remember how I solved this problem on my computerised accounting program as the White People who designed the system did not cater for confused coloured 'Bankers' restarting back from 1 each time a new set of cheque-books are ordered-- come to think on it-- chequebooks are pretty much obsolete in most of the developed World. Anyway-- no surprises the new cheques restarted back from one (1)!!
I was so cross I rang  GBTI Bank to complain. The nice woman in charge of accounts explained that the new printers had restarted the numbering system last year -- I asked who was more important -- the customers or the printers, and what was the point of filling out a chequebook request and stating the number of the last cheque if they were going to ignore it??  By now I had built up to venting off--- I feel a bit ashamed as clearly the poor woman had nothing to do with it-- she managed to tell me that their new system was the year: 2012-- then six set of numbers, but I wasn't letting her off the hook as I had collected these new books a couple of months ago and it said 2011--- then six digits-- did they... could they ... have passed off some old stock on me?  And furthermore she said that the Bank was upgrading their system and would be reissuing new numbers starting back from one (1) when I finished this new set of 100- making this the third time I restart from 1.
You know you only realise how backwards we are when you have to deal with the outside World and its logical assumptions.

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