Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beautiful Boxer - Thai Movie

A picturesque, sensitively-handled story about the true-life story of a Thai kick-boxer who became famous as a top Kick-boxer and then used his earnings to help his poor family and pay for a sex-change operation. Truly fact is stranger than fiction.
The story narrated in a Flash-back traces the budding femininity of a five-yr old, the parents particularly the mother handled it acceptingly- no doubt  help by their Buddhist outlook and that society's general acceptance of people's different sexuality- the emotional support from the girl who he worked with and his trainer and his wife was very important in giving him the courage to proceed in his professional Boxing career.  Surprisingly the fact that Iran has the highest number of sex-change operations in the World and paid for by the State came out!! So THAT is why Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can confidently state that there are no homosexuals in Iran as one of the couple has to elect to undergo a sex-change operation and get married presumably as prostitution also doesn't apparently exist on Iran.

The actor who played the main part was an excellent kick-boxer and I was convinced it was a sport I should take up until the last fight in Tokyo when he/she was fighting a thick Japanese female wrestler and jumped on her shoulders, locked her neck with his legs and elbowed her viciously on the back of the head whereupon she collapsed on the ground in a TKO (technical knock-out) and I revised my former position. I thought the acting of the protagonist was a bit too 'cringy' but on the whole I liked the touches of Thai culture in the film.

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