Thursday, July 12, 2012


Here's a hair-raising statistic to scare the pants off any thinking person- :

80% of all antibiotics in the US are fed to livestock, even chickens to prevent them from developing diseases in cramped living quarters-- nice way to say- in battery farming. Since the 1980's flags were raised when pre-adolescent girls in Puerto Rico experienced menarche at much earlier ages than the then norm of 12 to 14 yrs being now 8yrs; it was discovered that Puerto Ricans, like Guyanese, were very fond of chicken and were in the habit of chewing the bones and consuming the marrow in which were stored the excess antibiotics and other chemicals - these mimicked Estrogen.
A friend who got into large-scale Chicken Farming told me when she saw the unusual growth spurt that the baby chicks go through at 4 or 6 weeks, she KNEW that wasn't normal and stopped eating chicken as a result-- she switched to deer and is now vegetarian!
The large-scale Food industry has managed to keep this information out of the mainstream media but it looks as if the rise of the super-bug is the result: E.coli is pervasive - been around but has now been potentiated - made more potent. Women's anatomy means that they're prone to bladder infections but this is scary!

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