Monday, March 5, 2012

At risk of sounding cruel...

... but Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest seems to hold true. A young(ish) promising up-coming local cricketer died last night while losing control of his car- I acknowledge this is a sad loss of potential, I also see that if you're not given the tools to deal with 'success' it will contribute to your downfall. The local papers had a recent comment about how some of the younger, promising cricketers were unable to fill out the Immigration Card properly - and it is this 'forced-ripeness' that is contributing to the demise of people with genuine talent - they seem unable to cope with all that it takes to being in the public eye. A certain amount of maturity and common-sense are necessary requisites for living/making sensible decisions: I was fascinated by a father who let his 18yr old son take all his 4 younger siblings to 'drop' a visitor home a couple of years ago - on the return trip the son hit a pile of sand at the side of the road and only the 11yr old survived the trip - in the olden days-- the visitor might have got a 'tow on a bike back home' - I wondered how the parents felt to bury four of their children and felt Darwin's Theory came into cruel focus.

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