Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera

On impulse, checked out the half-priced booth in Times Square as I had some 'free time'. While in the line,got chatting with a elderly Theatre buff who recommended this one, Porgy and Bess with Audra McDonald and The Jersey Boys. I had always like the dramatic, catchy signature tune and when asked at the booth Phantom came to mind-- the ticket in fact came up to almost three-quarters the price after all the add-ons and taxes.
Nevertheless after a fruitless search for 'Little Korea'- 32nd St - I found my seat at the Majestic. I think the theatre was a good setting for the time-period of this piece. They added some gilt fixtures and it could have been an ornate over-the-top theatre in 19th Century Paris. I was stuck in the third or fourth row from the front and fourth or fifth from the left. The Stage seemed to be angled right and when I looked around the theatre didn't seemed too filled for a matinee performance.
Having just celebrated another year on Planet Earth-- I suppose you take for granted the confidence that comes with age and I surprised myself by asking one of the ushers if I could change seats-- being willing to sit further back if I could be near the middle. She directed me to the amiable manager who sounded like Mr Cutoff - he was in fact very laid back about the whole thing-- he did ask me what I expected for a 'half-priced' ticket but moved me to an excellent seat at the back of the front section to the right. There was a canoodling couple directly in front of me so I moved one seat along and got an really good unhindered view.
The costumes, tongue-in-cheek dialogue and wonderful singing made for a pleasant afternoon - the guy who was the Phantom had a great deep sexy voice and was definitely the 'star'. The stage sets were great also.
I found an ambiguity in the beginning and ending of the Play/Musical and when I asked people if they had seen it, the response was - yes-- but over eight years or so ago - so when I asked them about what I thought need clarification they didn't remember! How could ya not?
Phantom is apparently the longest-running musical on Broadway so far.

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  1. I saw Phantom in west end and thought it was Brilliant.