Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Rose and The Ring by W.M. Thackeray

A little known, sadly out-of-print, charming little book and a surprising choice by one of the newer Bookclub members. I was fortunate to borrow a treasured copy of an actual book as Laparkan lost my copy from BetterWorldBooks and the illustrations and one-liners at the top of the pages certainly added to the enjoyment.. but for the rest of you a free accessible online version  exists:-

Having spent most of my childhood with my nose in a book, I hadn't come across this tongue-in-cheek Fairy-tale first issued in 1855, probably the first in taking a satirical look at Fairy Tales.It had all the elements  - the Good Guys having to bear their misfortunes cheerfully but 'winning' in the end and the Bad Guys getting their come-upperances and a quirky 'good' Fairy saving the day/s. I was amused at the silly titles given as favours to hypocritical fawning couturiers, then reflected that things haven't changed much in the modern political scene! Always a mark of good literature-- the universality through the ages. 

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