Friday, March 2, 2012

The Golden Jaguars

So Guyana's footballers shocked themselves by beating The Soca Warriors in 2011 to qualify for the pre-qualifying matches (third round) to compete in the 2014 World Cup football matches in Brazil. I feel Dwight Yorke, the Trinidadian player who plays in the English League was either absent or having an off-day-- mind you having a Star Player doesn't necessarily mean that you'll win but I suppose from the psychological point of view the rest of the players feel more confident as in Cricket - once the 'star' at position 3 + 4 loses his wicket the team generally collapses-- but I digress....
Reality began to set in shortly afterwards when they had a re-match in Trinidad against the Home Team (Trinidadian) but minus a lot of their (Golden Jaguars) overseas-based players - and lost. So yesterday, they had the first in a series of International Friendlies run by FIFA- versus Guatamala, playing at 'home' but minus three of their International Players and lost 2-0. I happened to switch on the TV when I saw three of our players fumbling near the goal and a Guatamalan player tip the ball easily into the net - I switched off and went back to my book.
Like most sport in Guyana, lack of facilities and training means our most talented Players have to look overseas for training -- only competing under the Guyana flag because they most probably have too much competition in their adopted country. Which brings me to an interesting point-- what the heck is going on in Sport??  It is now getting to be so that practically entire teams can be composed of 'foreign' players! So admirable aims such as Sport Institutes like what used to be in the Soviet Union would not be funded if the 'best' players will be pinched- in a most bizarre public-private enterprise!


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