Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cheddi Jagan

Was listening to BBC in the haunted hours of the night and the topic was Food security - it went on to poverty alleviation and said the discrepency between rich and poor is dangerously widening and I thought: the man was talking about THAT way back in the 1950's! Sad that Guyanese don't seem interested in looking at what he had to say.
Maybe instead of telling the people they never had it so good at his death anniversary next Sunday- some bright spark should revist his papers and see if any suggestions may be relevant and turn it really into the theme - Our Living Guide- misnomer-- they certainly not following his principles and he dead for 14years!
Spent a night in Berbice to see my unemployed illiterate 50-something neighbour drinking himself silly and it's really heart-breaking as he's such a capable man. Good to see the school-leaver daughter get interested in Training programs at the local Guysuco Training centre, but a bit alarming to see the younger brother under 25yrs falling through the cracks. (I see education is a biggie on the PNC manifesto but the problem would be motivation for those who really would benefit from it, and retaining those armed with International qualifications at the country's expense, most of the Government Scholars never bothered to return- mostly the middle-classed PNC children.)
A bit alarming to think this story being repeated times over across the world - a demoralised work-force not able to access jobs.

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