Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boyd Thai Restaurant- Greenwich Village

Was wandering around 'the Village' and wondered whether I 'missed it' as I was expecting a quaint 'village' with lots of Cafes and trendy stores- maybe before the Recession and if the weather had been a bit better?
I hadn't bothered to look online and instead resorted to asking the natives who had me crossing between 8th and 6th Avenue. Although it was a sunny day I started feeling cold and stopped in front of a Thai Restaurant offering a Lunch special. Having had the best Thai food somewhere off a big Shopping street in Toronto at a similar Lunch Special, I opted to go in as Boyd was apparently a celebrated Chef in another Restaurant
I chatted to a woman who said this was the best 'deal' in the village and she lunched there regularly. My tastebuds thanked me in advance!
The young girl didn't seem to understand English very well when I questioned her about the options but I reckoned that most things would be good and opted for the Green Curry Classic. I looked forward to the salad as Green Mango Salad was my first taste of a Thai Lunch Special when I was very pleasantly surprised by the fresh and unusual combination of flavours, followed by other interesting flavours in the set menu combining a light spicy touch not overpowering the other flavours... no such luck here... Boyd seemed to be run by a set of Thai hustlers using Food as their medium-- or maybe it was contempt for the Lunch Special crowd?
The salad was a regular salad with bits of diced apple thrown in and smothered with French Dressing from a bottle. I wasn't asked whether I wanted the soup instead of the Spring Roll but probably just as well as the Spring Roll was the best thing. The Green Curry was a real disappointment though I think not really due to the Chef as the Chicken Breast Meat, which can be tasteless at the best of times, was definitely NOT organic and totally tasteless in spite of the very hot sauce that it and the vegetables were swimming in (had asked for 'mild'). I later tried a chicken Taco from a Fast-Food joint and noticed that mass-produced chicken really is tasteless- we sadly are moving to that means of production in Guyana--- a friend who started a Chicken Farm stopped eating chicken as she said it had to be un-natural the way the animals balloon out at six or eight weeks-- but hey, if the food scientists working for the big Food Giants say it's ok, then she and I must be wrong-- right?
When I finished the girl was nowhere to be seen and rushed in holding a box of shop-bought Key Lime Pie, pre-sliced-- confirming my suspicion that it's just the regular stuff they serve up at restaurants at highly inflated prices!!
Not coming from a culture of tipping, I opted for the middle suggested option but that didn't improve the attitude as she didn't bother to run after me as I left my almost full bottle of water on the table and had binned it when I realised it a block later and actually went back!

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