Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Centralisation vs decentralisation

An American-based survey published in SN recently claimed that Guyanese did not have confidence in their Local Councils and seemed to prefer governance by centralisation. This is a shame as surely if Local Councils are effective, it might encourage the Locals to 'get involved' and that they- the Locals would be best placed to decide what it best for their community and identify those with a bit of initiative. I just wonder if the current climate in Guyana of currying favours and the system of Reward to do the obvious hasn't just forced those with initative out or maybe those 'doers' are just exhausted having reached the end of their tether? This study may have been done in response to the procrastination about Local Elections.

Whatever it is, some men from the Local Council were out this morning before I left for Work clearing that annoying Wild Eddo blocking up the entrance to the Trench at the back. I stopped to ask Yasmir who seemed to be in Charge, to ask the council to put up a DO NOT DUMP RUBBISH notice as it frequently falls into the Trench.
Wonder if the President-in-waiting will claim Kudos for a job which ought to be done on a regular basis?

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