Saturday, March 12, 2011

Night at the NCC 2- Miss Guyana/India Worldwide Pageant 2011....

....or the Seven Deadly Sins incarnated.

A good friend organised her Posse to support the Pageant, so me and Mich found ourselves under the auspices of SLOTH, consenting to be chaffeured and have our Tickets provided for, on a wet Friday night. SLOTH seemed to visit most of the audience as the place was practically empty at the starting time, so after the obligatory half-hour delay we moved to the fifth row from the Front. The overseas-based Guyanese in the Posse stopped to explain what we were doing to the Usherette so I shoved her along and explained she was causing distress to the Usherette by requiring her to take the intiative, act responsibly and most likely feel obliged to say NO whereas if you just do as you feel it would be a lot less stressful for everyone concerned, apart from the actual Seat holders of course but then if they felt THAT strongly about their seats they would be there in time- logical! Mich clearly felt the same way as she refused to move when they did eventually turn up and she exchanged mutters with the girl next to her who was indignant that the people's seats were not available for them three hours after the starting time in spite of the fact that lots of people had gone home in disgust and there were loads of vacant seats!
It was a bit disappointing the Contestants didn't think to use any Local designers for the first section of Evening Wear as it would have been a nice touch instead of the usual shop-bought dresses none of which were particularly notable- SLOTH again!! Mich liked the Teal Grecian gown of Contestant #9 and I tended to think it was the best of the Lot but the rest of the Posse were unimpressed.
Most of the contestants seemed uncomfortable on stage apart from the two favourites who had had some experience being onstage and in the limelight.
The second section of Talent where the Girls had to introduce themselves accentuated this as #'s 3,4 and the one from Venezuela fluffed completely, #3 speaking in an improbably american accent and the latter admitting she didn't know english!!
The audience was asked to leave the Building after the third presentation in this Section as a Bomb Scare was telephoned in.  It was pouring heavily at this time and everyone refused to move to the Car Park sheltering instead under the Overhangs of the Building, We moved to the LandRover for a chat and souvenir picture-taking session and after an hour or so, went to retrieve my keys which I had forgotten.
We in Guyana are so woefully unprepared for any real Emergency it is quite scary- the Fire-Service and Police with Bomb-sniffer dog gave the all-clear after a long while and it was a shame to see that WRATH and ENVY had raised their ugly heads to try to sabotage the evening that gave GREED, GLUTTONY and PRIDE an opportunity to posture.
The Judges' question was a surprisingly pertinent and intelligent one and only the winner came close to a reasonable answer. Question- 'There's no denying we are faced with constant migration from Guyana, how would you as a true Patriot encourage people to stay and contribute to the development of the Nation?'
The most amusing character of the night was Joel Ghansham who moved to the Front Row after the Bomb Scare.
Sad to say he probably out-shone most of the girls onstage and was certainly popular, posing for nuff pictures with his female fans. LUST itself!

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