Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guyana vs Mexico or Mexico vs Guyana

Although my brain told me we didn't a have a Snowball's chance in Hell, I still switched on to watch, hoping that we would fight the good fight...
... they (the Mexicans) had a Penalty Kick just after 2 minutes and their first goal in the 11th minute. Our guys' strategy seemed to be defensive as they were mainly bunched up protecting the Goalie.. this meant that when they did wrest control of the ball they ended up kicking it towards the Mexican end where no team member was available to make the shot effective - at least initially-- they seemed to improve in that aspect as the game wore on. In the 43rd minute Ricky Shakes, our team guy did some fancy footwork but had to make a wild kick causing the receiver to make a desperate dive to head into the Goal-- this seemed to surprise the commentators who shrieked 'peligroso,peligroso' (danger) a few times-- seeing as he missed the ball by several feet I assumed they meant he was in danger of getting his head kicked!
By the 24th minute we had our 1st Yellow Card. The rapid Spanish meant I couldn't figure out who-- but several El Capitaines made me think it was the Captain of the Team. It was interesting the hear the rapid Spanish commentary excitedly intoning goali, goali, goali after the Mexican team scored... rather like watching the opening film of the Gay Film Festival with the men cheering and jeering at the screen with the bravado of a gay protagonist and the hypocrisy of the Minister meeting men in Bars for sex respectively... but I digress...
Guyana got its goal in the 51st minute-- a man with his 'fro tied back-- No11. The Mexicans seemed rather pleased with their third goal which was a bit of a fluke-- an elegant back cross which surprised the Guyana Goalie. In my opinion-- the Guyana Goalie was The Most Valuable Player as the Mexicans definitely made more 'tries' and he did a couple of good saves-- also helping us was the misjudging of the dimensions of the Goal by the Mexicans -- a lot of tries flying over the Goal. We got another yellow card, then at about 92 minutes or so... we lost the signal-- the screen remained blank, they ran the ads about three times in succession and I fell asleep. The final score up to that time was Mexico 3 Guyana 1.

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