Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Instructive Walk Around The Block

Having a free Saturday afternoon following a visit to the office, I invited my Girl Friday and her young friend from the Pomeroon to check out the new Ice-Cream place in Hinck St. We passed the Stretch Your Dollar place on Robb St -- a Fire Hazard if ever there was one- spilling out onto the pavement and overwhelming the Pavement Vendors. Business was brisk and I ended up picking up a few things to the amusement of the girls.  I was surprised to see some good quality clothes amongst the cheap and nasty albeit a bit dirty. No receipts given.
There seemed to be a flurry of little Eating establishments and stores selling knick-knacks and clothes since I was there last that I almost missed the entrance to MediCare!   Bruster's had a very small entrance and the line seemed to move rather slowly although the cashier was pleasant enough when I got there - she omitted to explain that there were two scoops as a standard - not bad value $300 for two scoops- there were interesting choices and number of options, though the Ice-Cream a bit overly-sweet mainly due to the addition of a syrup. Compliments to the poor guy who wasn't getting clear instructions from the cashier and patiently dashed up and down a couple times! All the Staff I saw were Guyanese and everything seemed Kosher and upfront with a receipt.
In direct Contrast, we headed to the Avenue of the Republic where the premises of Central Garage has been turned into Retail Units -- primarily Chinese. No prices and no receipts, a handful of local sales assistants but mainly non-Guyanese Chinese running the Show.  Most goods seemed shoddy, but I bought a few colourful hair clips for my nieces.  Is this really the way we want to go - keep the population ignorant and poor-- offer third-rate and poorly trained goods and services or--- head for a better educated and discerning Public who can afford to pay for better-quality stuff?

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