Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Circumstances - Iranian Film

A film set in fairly modern times as a mention to Obama and the 2008 Oscar winner -Milk, was made in the course of the film.
It revolved around the relationship between two teenaged girls whose close friendship spills into a sexual one. Shireen, the daughter of two dead dissident professors holds on to Afateh the fairly spoilt daughter of an affluent family. The relationship attracts the attention of Afateh's older brother Mehran who becomes fascinated by Shireen's beauty. He is a bit screwed up himself - being a crackhead and later chucking his career in music to become a nut head religious fanatic who rats on his Underground friends who throw wild Parties secretly.  He 'rescues' Shireen from the Lock-Ups when the girls are caught in a Raid on one of the same parties. There is a scene of Afateh having a virginity test while arrested by the Morality Police - this had been alluded to in Azar Nafisi's 'Reading Lolita in Teheran'. Mehran then later marries Shireen - that part surprised me, as in his paranoid state he had set up cameras in the family's residence and no doubt discovered the illicit sexual relationship between the girls but persisted 'rescuing' her from the evil clutches of his sister and her friends - patriarchy gone mad - when he eavesdrops on the conversation in bed between the two girls and Shireen explains to Atafeh that she agreed to marry her brother to be close to her he goes ballistic and rapes his wife-Shireen. I give full credit to the character Shireen who then comforts him when he bursts out sobbing 'Why am I not enough for you?' 
The music was interesting in the Film and as luck would have it we had a young Iranian there who said we missed out on a bit -with the music not being translated -- nice to think the Director carefully sorted out everything to the smallest detail!
There were other sub-themes and the film gave an interesting view of modern Iran and some of it's Customs - like the married couple sucking honey off each other's little finger at the Wedding Ceremony.

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