Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rest In Peace Whitney + Amy

Heard about the death of Whitney Houston with sadness, for a Life so obviously racked with sorrow and reflected that having that amazing voice, the marketing and support to develop that talent, the money and fame and having a child wasn't enough to stave off the deep unhappiness of a Personal Life gone off the track!  Like Amy Whitehouse - - how prophetic the words 'The ride with you was worth the fall my friend
Loving you makes life worth living'  as both got tangled with men with addiction and other problems and were unable to disentangle themselves. Both seemed to have 'lost' themselves in the glory of fame and fortune and one wonders why with all that money they couldn't just go and find a good therapist! I suppose petrified that revelations would emerge as a headline?
I remember going to Whitney's first concert in England at Wembley and being bitterly disappointed as she didn't translate well from Studio to Live Performances in those days but it made me not bother to waste my money to see Live Shows like Queen + Tina Turner- chalk and cheese I know- figuring the record/tape/CD would be good enough.

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  1. Whitney was an active participant in her own demise. In fact although I have heard that it was all her husband's fault that she is dead, the onus on her death was on Whitney herself. As Jamie Lee Curtis said, "it is written into the addict's manifesto, they will die."