Sunday, February 26, 2012

Got a Winner - Miss India Worldwide 2012!

So on a short weekend trip wandered in to the DDL concession in the Departures Lounge as Caribbean Airlines felt an important cost-cutting exercise would be to serve up disgusting-tasting filtered water thereby cutting down pesky requests - of course the cost of everyone like myself hauling full bottles of water and not drinking it and so adding to fuel consumption would be a useless comparative penny-pinching exercise-- but I digress.

Guyana - thanks to Alana Seebarran - won the Miss India Worldwide Competition:

So what I was trying to say -- was that I met her when I wandered in to buy the water and a very charming, beautiful and down-to-earth young lady she was - well deserving of the title - and well able to straddle living in both Canada and Guyana and a good representative for young intelligent Guyanese women given all opportunities - wish such opportunities could be allowed to all/more.  I was almost persuaded to go but had to work that weekend-- interesting that with falling sales it would not have even covered the cost of attending! 

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