Friday, February 17, 2012

Awful service at Scotiabank

I have yet to meet a business in this 'Hard Guava Season' that deliberately deters its customers by having a ridiculous telephone system that one can NEVER connect with a live human person. I have berated my hapless staff numerous times when they return in no time below an hour, with a query or errand unfulfilled and with no-one's name or contact extension (or that works whenever one is given).
So today was no exception.. in my role of Treasurer of our 4-person organisation I sent to pay the Dues to an International Body - this was the third time we are doing it. I had to write an authorisation letter when she returned - I had just sent the subscription letter on the first occasion, figuring they would see that it is a standing annual charge. After over an hour I went ballistic to hear that as our organisation is Guyanese and we wrote in the Laws that two people have to sign the cheques - not that it deterred our esteemed President from claiming expenses for/including her entire family at an Association dinner and leaving out the Treasurer-- but I digress- the cheque was double-signed - but  now those idiots wanted the authorisation letter double-signed as well-- mmm let's see what room we have for foul play -- the cheque was made payable to the bank - for a Wire Transfer from the Association to an International Organisation - this procedure had been carried out annually in the last two years. I am the registered Treasurer and had written a letter authorising my staff to carry out the transaction. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?

As I had car problems and had arranged to meet the mechanic at 2pm I went online to look for the opening hours - not listed - WTF. I actually got through to a live person at the Robb St. branch and was told that they were open until 3.30pm - most unusual. Left at 1.50 and couldn't find parking and left the back of the car sticking out hoping for a quick transaction. Walked in and asked to speak to the Manager who explained what I already knew-- but what I wanted to know was WHY- what the hell difference did it make whether I was physically there wasting my time as there were no other bits of paper that was required that my Staff didn't have? Granted I may have got a bit rant-y but was sent to queue up-- now there was one young Teller serving who seemed new - wouldn't it have made a bit of sense to open up the other window if you already have a irate customer complaining about their time being wasted? As it was- when my turn was imminent a 'big lady' positioned herself in front of me - another woman in the queue told me to make sure she didn't 'jump' the queue - you would think a bank could spend a couple of dollars to have a pull-the-ticket system as apparently when confronted the 'big lady' said she had been sitting on the side until her turn came up and the one in front of me said she had been there while I was having my rant at the supervisor/Manager.
Of course, when my time came-- they opened up the other window - it took 40 minutes of my Life to do a simple transaction. 
Action- I am going to close my two accounts at Scotiabank and move to GBTI-- they at least ring when they need clarification and my Staff can't answer their queries! AND I'll send a Letter to the Country Manager-- shame as she was a prefect while I was at School and friends with my sister from the Rotary Club.

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