Sunday, February 5, 2012

From Bad to Appalling

Today was Youmani Nabi - I think the day the Prophet Muhammed was born and coincidentally died.
Banks/DIH - one of the local leading manufacturers - had an ad in the papers about a two-day special for the traditional sweetmeats that friends and neighbours used to distribute before Hard Times knocked a few years ago. As I was passing I decided to check it out-- bad mistake- apparently I went on Day-2 and some bright spark put the vermicelli 'cake' (moist) ( also stale and being milk-based- smelt as if it was going 'off') with three 'fat' mithai and made them all soggy - the price was also ridiculous but as I was already there I ended up buying two to my regret- one to give away.
I have virtually stopped buying food from that chain - being too unhealthy- either oily, salty, too much white sugar and/or flour or bizarrely a combination of them all!
Sadly in a country that still has an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables - it is not reflected in the readily available foods.  I asked a popular cafe owner why they didn't introduced fresh juices and healthier options and she said that they tried when they first opened and the uptake and demand wasn't profitable.  This I find a bit hard to believe as I notice more people exercising and an article in public health stated that wasn't enough to to merely put the information out there and hope that the vast majority take and act upon the  message but active policies to engage the Public was required.
Human beings being what they are- myself included would only get motivated when things actually start to affect them-- how I now regret my addiction to sugar!

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