Monday, February 27, 2012

Men and Women

So couldn't avoid one of the frequent re-runs of Whitney Houston's last interview with Oprah and noted the pause before she confessed that she thought Bobbie Brown was jealous of her success and later that he spat on her when they returned home after she threw him a party at a Night-Club in Atlanta for his birthday.
All this was brought into sharp focus about the near-unbelievable story about a Guyanese couple from the Berbice. Apparently he- a 38yr old, went 'back-track' to New York and met a divorced 47yr old woman with two grown-up children living independently. They had a turbulent relationship and after a few years he moved back to Guyana to his parents and three daughters from a previous relationship - sounds like he had every intention of settling down - bought a car and planned a Taxi Service then... the woman from NY called him back - sent his back-track and ticket money ( amazing how easy it is to do).
A few weeks, perhaps, the thing blew up again - she went to NYC to attend her son's wedding where she would have met her ex-husband and the 'kept' man got  jealous- in the ensuing argument - she ran out of the house (hers) screaming that he was going to kill her - she borrowed a neighbour's phone to call the police and when they got there she was found stabbed to death and him found hanging.
I somehow don't have much sympathy for her-- in this consumer-ish age - can one 'buy' a relationship?

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