Saturday, October 22, 2011


Another interesting film of part of Brazil’s history- the failed revolution to overthrown the Vargas Regime back in the late 1930’s
The actress was stunningly beautiful but like the Cuban film I saw earlier this week, the director seemed to think gratuitous sex and stripping an essential part of the script but for me dragged out the film and gave me a headache. Or it could be the annoying Brazilians who decided to move and sit next to me and yabber away to each other about 10 minutes into the Film, then the one to my immediate left decided to play with his Cell-phone and kept turning the screen towards me while waiting for a reply to his texts, the brightness began to get annoying and I tried putting my Handbag to block the screen, then told him to turn it the other way  -  he helpfully gestured that maybe I should move to the seats in front – I’m sorry I didn’t, as his attention span was so short he continued texting and turning the screen toward me after a few intervals – is that more annoying –intermittent nuisance rather than continuous nuisance? Actually he seemed to be some sort of Official as he rushed across to switch on the lights at the end of the movie- stups! How could these people be the 7th economy in the World??

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