Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chupidness spreading...

... so I've noted in previous blogs I'm sure, the wisdom of the emancipated peoples gleefully tossing aside the City Planning and building rules of the British massa them, convinced that dey know best - having no aesthetic or common-sense background. But I am alarmed to find out that it has spread to the Amerindian community, hitherto protected from communicable ignorance by virtue of isolation. I should have known better in this day of 'improved' communication!
Visited Annai in January and visited their pride of place-- the Benab which they claimed was the largest in the country-- I didn't think so as I thought the Wai-Wais contructed the largest but didn't want to contradict the young trainee guide.

So the view from inside is the only picture I have... I noticed that the other buildings were a bit too close -considering the space available-- mind you - the village is atop a hill.
So unsurprisingly, a woman was cooking nearby, yesterday and a spark flew up and burnt the place down-- mmmm-- ya think they would be more careful with dry thatched roofs, right? Is it right to lay down rules about distances between buildings cos people ignore them anyway?


  1. No. It was not spread from a woman's cooking fire. A man was burning a marabunta nest and the embers fell on a garbage pile and flared up out of control.

  2. Thanks Cariba - but it still illustrates my point that better spacing of buildings/garbage piles etc is needed!