Saturday, October 15, 2011

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

This is actually a book, but in the impatient 21st Century and the under-40's semi-illiterate Guyana, no-one it seems has time to read and need to be force-fed through the medium of Film.  Mr Dawkins obligingly turns his book into a TV mini-series and a group of primarily 20-yr olds formed themselves into The Atheists Society to organise a public viewing of the film and attendant discussion.

I found the first 45min documentary extremely biased and one-sided, Mr Dawkins going out of his way to find the most extreme, rabid I-am-right-everybody-else-is-wrong examples on all sides. Christianity appeared to be represented by the Catholic Church and nuthead American extremists, represented on film by Ted Haggard. In my Celestine Prophecy Blog I gave this link to the alternate Gospels that were suppressed after Jesus died-- if you believe that he actually lived:

As a presumable academic, I expected him to at least touch on what is/how religions started - it seems a logical starting point to begin instead of ridiculing people's blind beliefs.
Our next Bookclub book is 'When all you've ever wanted isn't enough' by Rabbi Harold Kushner, and in the first chapter pg 22 he says "The question of the whether Life has any meaning, of whether our individual lives make any difference, is a religious question not because it is about matters of belief or attendance at worship services but because it it is about ultimate values and ultimate concerns... Religion focuses on the difference between human beings and all other species, and on the search for a goal so significant that we make our lives significant by attaching ourselves to it."

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