Tuesday, December 20, 2016

So what is it really with Syria?

From those of you not on FB, a Canadian journalist- Eva Bartlett - reported to the UN that the Western media is spreading misinformation (not for the first time I imagine!). So she said the information being displayed and the 'news' reported are heavily influenced by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) - which is a one-man show in Coventry, England and the White Helmets (founded in 2013 by ex-military officer) which has drawn a lot of international funding - to the tune of U$100 million, to help the people of Eastern Aleppo but no-one there has heard of them or has been helped by them!  She said unnamed activists are not credible and I recall several video diaries of frightened young people recording their final goodbyes as the soldiers of Assad's army drew near.

Initially, the blame was laid at the feet of climate change - a prolonged drought forced farmers to migrate to urban areas, who then couldn't find work and resulted in a sort of rebellion which provoked a strong reaction from Damascus. http://gtobserver.blogspot.com/2015/09/syrian-refugee-crisis.html

But looking at the larger picture: Assad's Syria and Iran (according to a nutter illuminati-warning video on YouTube)- and North Korea are the few countries remaining where the Rothchilds' bank is not influencing fiscal policy.  Also, Assad like Saddam Hussain had dared to defy the West's concerns about their fuel supplies and Assad had refused the allow a natural gas pipeline through his country from the Middle East to Europe-- apparently the reason why Afghanistan was invaded according to conspiracy theories abounding at that time.   I can't help thinking-- so much violence and disruptions in ordinary people's lives and wondering about all the repercussions and unwanted consequences....

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