Thursday, December 1, 2016

The US is a 'Nation of Law'

Smiles-- the sarcastic tone is unfortunately unreproducible in print.... Ps-since writing this piece I am pleased to report that there has been an announcement that the pipeline would be re-routed to avoid the Indians' land/water source AND Trump sold his shares in the company running the pipeline to avoid conflict of interest!

Was watching this video on a friend's Facebook page: 
and when I went back to check the did not come up in the regular posts and she had to specifically put it on my page.

So for those of you who don't have FB is it in a nutshell leading up to the present violation of the Sioux nation rights at Standing Rock:

An environmental assessment was commissioned out by the company who is building the pipeline - Energy Transfer Partners (ETP)- a U.S. Fortune 500 natural gas and propane company, founded in 1995.This sadly is par for course as over here it is only the mining and forestry (foreign) companies who can afford to do environmental assessments using local people involved in environmental issues, usually called in after the project has already started.  A Google search revealed that they have had mishaps with pressurised gas or liquid gas facilities but have not had much experience with crude oil management. So the Indians have valid concerns about the possibility of the Missouri River and by extension, their drinking water being contaminated. In view of concerns expressed, the Federal body granting approval is reconsidering and has been taken to court for that by ETP-- delaying until Trump and his climate change disbelievers get in to give the green light - confident of course because the President-elect has stocks in the company, which will naturally escalate with's all about the money!

The 1852 Fort Laramie treaty which the (white) settlers forced the Sioux people to sign stipulated that 'they shall never be invaded of disturbed'. This lasted until someone decided the Railroad across the new nation took precedence and violated the treaty-- leading to over-hunting of buffalo-- the Indians' main food source leading to conflict and a second's all about the money!

The 1868 Treaty which stipulated that the Sioux were restricted to their new assigned places and no whites allowed - this lasted until gold was discovered in The Black Hills in 1874 (clearly the whites were not respecting it!). General Cluster invades and opens up the area to white settlers - the Sioux refuse to sell the Black Hills and Cluster meets his end in the Battle of Little Bighorn...hardly noble!'s all about the money!

In 1890, The US Army is called in to avenge and show the coloured people who is more powerful at the massacre of Wounded Knee and wipes out a South Dakota tribe, rewarding their soldiers for bravery in action and precipitating the decline of the Sioux people. The wrongs done to them were acknowledged by the Courts in 1980. So they were offered compensation--- how can you work out what cultural and actual genocide is worth in monetary terms?....some things are not all about the money!

Leading to today's news of the native peoples being charged for trespassing on their land and again the law enforcement and army being used to protect corporate interests...not unlike their foreign policy of putting puppets into place and using that country's police and armies for corporate interests--  Nigeria springs to mind but really it can be any country you care to think's all about the money!
But from the link below: officialdom say: 'senator-john-hoeven-addresses-misinformation-nodapl-protests-floor-speech/

"Twice challenged and twice upheld – including by the Obama administration’s own appointees – the federal courts found that the Army Corps had followed the appropriate process, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was properly consulted, and the project could lawfully proceed,” Senator Hoeven said. “In total, the Army Corps held 389 meetings, conferred with more than 55 tribes, and conducted a 1,261-page environmental assessment, before finding that this infrastructure project has no significant environmental impact.”

Surely the EIA (environmental impact assessment) would document the people's concerns and in the appraisal stage try to resolve the the conflicts of interest BEFORE proceeding?  A reporter from that area on YouTube reported that the tribes did not turn up for the consultations and are just protesting  for monetary gain but the Senator reported above that correct procedure was followed. Those with time and inclination can follow the link below but it begs reason why they would not have stuck to the original plan and bypass the put-upon Indian tribes with a their long history of being discriminated against.

 The blow by blow account:

From the online newspaper: The Independent

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