Monday, September 7, 2015

Syrian refugee crisis

So it's been a fairly emotive exchange between FB friends... now that I am studying 'the wider picture' of Public systems-- such as housing, schools/trained teachers and other social niceties just don't appear miraculously... it takes evaluating, projecting, budgeting and efficiently using scarce resources to provide even basic services.  Having just returned from to UK I was a bit dismayed to see most of the 50-yr olds are exhausted and heartily wishing for an early retirement as the workload has increased and the pay decreased.  A couple of friends had medical problems and were given routine appointments in a few MONTHS!  This is the system under stress that is being asked to absorb much more?

Yet ironically, things have got much harder for the young... entry requirements into established universities require As and it is not unusual for a first to be a requirement to further studies!  There is no guarantee of a job afterwards-- one that isn't wonder those 'locked-out' feel a sense of rage []. What and where will Europe do with and place all those hopeful displaced persons?  France isn't doing such a great job with ghettos of North Africans, and I wonder how many children of Turkish descent born in Germany are happy with their lot?

An interesting article surfaced that certain parts of Syria had been suffering from a severe drought the past 5yrs, forcing people to move to the urban areas which did not have the capacity to absorb and provide for the extra thousands..leading to social upheaval which the Assad regime responded to with brutality stirring up more problems and the mass exodus. I just saw an Afghan man complain about the brutal treatment by the Serbian police-- preventing him and his family from proceeding and wondered that the same treatment would be meted out if the boot was on the other foot..and in fact how responsible is it to leave the relative safety of Turkey to head to Greece in a dinghy with young children.  In fact, mind-boggling to me is that none of the wealthy Middle-Eastern countries who have ready funds to promote Islam have taken ANY refugees/migrants who are Muslim - even those who were providing arms to the countries experiencing these upheavals of people....such a strange justification of funding!

Interesting if the ultimate bottom-line was the basic human need to be near available water.

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