Monday, December 23, 2013

Things that bother me with the last blog!

So in the last blog, I indicated that no sympathy for any side was merited in my opinion.

The maid was/is clearly disloyal to shop her employer, she could have just asked to return home and move on with her Life if she were that unhappy.  My view is her agenda all along was to reach the nirvana of working in the US and apply to stay there permanently - the fact that she got the US government to do so says a lot about her manipulations - pretty damm expert- feel sorry for the hapless US Taxpayers who have to foot the bill for the stupidity their Government.  Expect a xenophobic backlash at some point.  Notwithstanding the minimum wage rule-- which makes sense if one has to factor in Living Expenses such as board and lodging and transport. It had been commented on that the correct thing to do was for the Indians to request a waiver of the salary rule... alternately... Mrs Khodegade could have stated in the maid's contract -- deductions for board and lodging -- it is commonly done in the Traffic-ing in Persons  offence: the 'girls' have to work to 'pay back' the costs of being taken- legally or illegally - to a foreign country, board and lodging and interest at an extortionate rate: no difference really done 'above board'.

The Indians are arrogant to ignore the US's rule which had been brought to their attention previously. We had/have the same problem over here with the Drug Lords blatantly flouting the Law and ordinary moral decency-- being surprised to be 'caught' when they leave these hallowed shores; strikes me the same-- the diplomat's family are part of an immoveable elite/oligarchy, probably untouchable back in India and used to having the rules bent to suit their purpose.  The current solution of promoting the diplomat to the ranks of the UN mission when she is responsible for bringing the country into disrepute just goes to show how alienated the Indians are from their heritage of moral decency:

The US is the worse offender, because they were aware of this pending problem 4 months ago when the maid reported her employer. They clearly carried out 'investigations' and decided that Mrs Khodegade was in the wrong. Surely some neutrality is called for? Clearly the State Department must have been informed - why is Kerry apologizing? - and the hammer must have fallen against the Indians. I find it strange that no-one thought it fit to diplomatically mention to the Indians their precarious situation. Would the Americans mete the same treatment to the Saudis - notorious for doing the same and worse?

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