Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ending 2013..the good, bad and ugly...

First the good-- Ministry of Works seemed to have found its backbone and after having work on the East Coast roadwork stalled in Court  (incidentally by the lawyer heading the "Third Party") the Government got some sort of legal 'go-ahead' and proceeded to dismantle structures built by a businessman with more money than sense-- many abound here as the Law of the Jungle seems to Rule.  I see this as a good move as in my opinion, too many people are infringing on sensible regulations, mind you the Government as well but that is a totally different Blog: maybe this particular businessmen fell out of favour as there are way too many dunces bullying their way and destroying the infrastructure.  I would like to be executive President for a year, cut`back the perks of those useless people sitting in Parliament achieving nothing and force people openly flouting regulations to pay for remediation.....I probably would not last a week before someone put a bullet in my head but it is a nice comforting fantasy ending in a few Hangings - I always knew Madame Defarge was not a good literary person to emulate, but I digress..
I believe Ministry of Works also started clearing up a few drains highlighted a few Blogs back but not unfortunately the Lamaha Street canal outfall as that would mean treading on the toes of one of the untouchables- good friend of the ex-President who propped up a dodgy set of people with seemingly no morals during his reign, sad... bird of a feather and all that...

The bad is that road traffic accidents continue at an alarming rate, mainly young men under 25yrs, driving 'under the influence', claiming to drive someone's vehicle without permission (so the owners are not culpable) unlicensed and uninsured so the victims can't claim compensation and walking away with ridiculous fines in proportion to the damage they cause-- in the region of U$100-U$150. Under my fantasy rule they would be put into forced labour camps and made to do community work until they paid back for the damages inflicted to infrastructure and the victims' family agreed that compensation was sufficient-- that way-- there is a pool of available labour, and the youth would learn about gainful employment... two problems solved at once!

The ugly is the continued disregard for the lives of Guyanese women by Guyanese men. I felt sad to read of a mere 17yr old rural girl whose father could not afford to send her to school so agreed that she could 'go with' a young man who came to work in the area and who promised to pay for her to go to school-- turned out to be a drug addict-- took her to his home in Berbice for a couple of months then 'lived home' with her for a while then abandoned her. He came back after a while and the father rightly told him that he was not to contact the daughter, so the family had to watch helplessly when the young man got his employer's shotgun, barged into the home and shot the girl dead in front of them!   Four other women died at the hands of the men who are supposed to protect them this past week.. what is going on?

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